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Graduation Party with Form IV

In November we celebrated with our Form IV, which finish their Secondary School and will leave our school soon. We enjoyed to have a special guest of honor on this gathering: Mr. Werner Kessler from Germany. He is the father of our friendship with Kopernikusschule and one of the founders of Helfen macht Schule.

Werner was the first teacher who was visiting Tanzania and our school with students of Kopernikusschule in 1998. Already in 1999 the Headmaster of Kishumundu Secondary School Mr. Kiwara visited Germany and Kopernikusschule. Thereafter regular journeys in both directions kept the cooperation alive.



New Roofs for our School

Work to replace the rusty and partially leaky old roof sheets by new, more resistant ones have started in August 2022. Due to the support by our german friends our school continues to improve. Asante sana dear friends!




Longtime Friends at our School

In August our german friends Winfried Sommer and Dr. Michael Bauer of Helfen macht Schule jointed a meeting of the School Development Committee of Kishumundu Secondary School. Potential future projects and prospects of our school were discussed.


Our special guests in this meeting arrived at end of july together with Ilka Tschirner and Inge Guentsche, both retired teachers from Germany. Ilka visited our school already for the fourth time within the last 9 years! They all joined us on an English Competition of Form I - IV and a delicious Lunch before the school was closed for holidays.



Jubilee: Our German Supporter Helfen macht Schule celebrates it's 20th Anniversary


Our friends of Helfen macht Schule celebrated their 20th anniversary. Of course we congratulated and celebrated this with them. Their steady support has been and still is very important for our students and school.



Easier Access to the School

Another improvement to our school is on the way: The entrance area of our school is currently prepared with concrete for more comfortable access of students, employees and visitors to the schoolyard. In rain periods the uneven way became muddy and thereby very slippy and dangerous for persons and vehicles.



Improvement of the Working-Conditions for the Cooks

While the school was closed for Christmas holidays the kitchen was renovated. Now our cooks can do their hard work in a nice and healthy atmosphere. 


Upper panel: Kitchen before renovation.

The lower two panels show the improvements to the Kitchen: Plastered and painted walls, easy to clean floor, walls and surfaces on the working places, doors and windows ... 


And that's how the cooking facilities (kitchen) changed in the last 10 years: 

Isn't that amazing? 



Upgrade to the Appearance of Kishumundu Secondary School

Soon after he began his work as Headmaster Mr. Kimath started an initiative to improve the appearance of our school. Walls facing the entrance and around the gate were newly painted and are now used to welcome visitors and to present important information about our school.




CSEE Results 2021

In 2021 all participants of the final exams passed.

Congratulations to the Form IV (2021)!

Since this time we haven't had so much students, in total only 37, the school slided into the reference group of small schools. This happened to us for the first time since many years. Thus this ranking result is not directly comparable to those of previous years (and thus not included in the graph below). We are working very hard to further improve our good learning conditions and to come back to reach our previous student numbers. The original 2021 results are found here: https://matokeo.necta.go.tz/results2021/csee/results/s0492.htm



Pictures of the Students (August 2021)

To ensure fast loading of the page the pictures are displayed with reduced resolution. High resolution image files available upon request.

Important COVID19-related Information: Exclusively for these pictures the students and other individuals shortly removed the face masks, which they normally wear whenever they are coming in closer proximity. Since the pictures were taken outdoor with all individuals viewing into the same direction (not face to face) this situation should be without risk of infection.



Visitor from Germany

Although COVID19 is around, in August 2021 Dr. Michael Bauer, a longtime friend and nowadays Vice-Chairman of our german supporter organization Helfen macht Schule, visited our school. When we said to him that he obviously is very courageous he laughed and told us "To be honest, I am not, 

but I am well protected. I wouldn't be here if I haven't been vaccinated against the tremendous threat by COVID19." 


In periods he taught us a lot about Corona virus, the tests, and vaccinations as the only way out of the current worldwide disaster.

He also informed us, that he is highly fascinated by the islandic volcano, that is erupting since end of march 2021. He even went to Iceland to see it personally and than showed us some pictures and a live streaming of the volcano in the internet.







Assembly on the schoolyard to welcome our guest.











Here is a small part of his speech on our Welcome-Assembly to honor him.


New Leading Team started Conceptional Work

On their first official meeting our new Headmaster Mr. Kimath and his School Management Team were discussing future developments and progression of Kishumundu Secondary School. 

From left to right: Mr. Ambrose, Mrs. Massawe, Mr. Kimath, Mrs. Mollel, Mr. Lendore und Mr. Zakaria.


Personnel Change in Leadership

Mid of may 2021 Amedeus KIMATH took over the position as Headmaster of Kishumundu Secondary School. We warmly welcome him!






The Headmaster above his new working place in the Administration Building.



Kishumundu Secondary School community wishes all the best to him! May he have a good, glorious time and successfully lead our School to new Goals!







Delicious Meal


Unfortunately, due to the risks of the worldwide Pandemy by Corona-Virus, our german guests of Helfen macht Schule had to cancel their visit originally scheduled for july 2020.


But they had a nice idea: Although they are not with us they decided to nevertheless spend us the delicious Lunch they would have had together with us.


Asante sana! We enjoyed a big and wonderful meal!


Also a great Asante Sana - Thanks - to our cooks, which prepared this delicious meal for us.




CORONA-Virus / COVID19 Pandemy is in the whole world, including Tanzania. After several weeks closure due to Corona-Pandemy we re-opened our school on june, 29th. Of course special safety rules have to be followed:  




Respect the Hygienic Protection Rules: Avoid contact, keep distance (or wear a mask if you don´t) and wash your hands frequently! For details see below!


There are many rumours about CORONA / COVID19. As knowledge is always better than rumours: You will find the real facts at Myth-Busters .




CSEE Results 2020

Although we were facing very special conditions by COVID19 in the challenging year 2020, the good work of teachers and students at Kishumundu Secondary School continued: Kishumundu Secondary School placed on position 604 of 3956 tanzanian Secondary Schools. Within Kilimanjaro region it made it to position 64 of 275 schools.

Results are ONLINE here (to open the link click on one of the brown words). CONGRATULATIONS!




A new Laptop for the Staff

The new Laptop was donated by Helfen macht Schule and brought to us by the Headmaster. 



Our Headmaster on Visit in Germany

Our Headmaster worked hard to properly inform the curious german Friends from Helfen macht Schule and Tansania-Partnerschaft Viernheim, as well as Students from both schools about our school and daily life in Tanzania. Nonetheless he also had some time for activities with his german friends, e.g. having a drink together.


Work in Progress

Currently our school buildings are partially renovated and improved. Donations of Helfen macht Schule will also be used to repair leaking roofs, build a water pipe to a new reservoir and to suround our school by a fence to make the schoolground more safe.

German-Tanzanian Exchange

  1. In July 2019 we were visited by friends from Germany. Mr. Winfried Sommer, Dr. Michael Bauer, Mrs. Regina Schäfer-Röder and Mrs. Kristina Worm-Otto, all visitors of last year, were keen to see us again. Karibuni !
  2. The exchange is not one-sided: Our headmaster Mr. Shayo have been invited by Helfen macht Schule to visit Germany for his first time. He will stay there for four weeks in August/September 2019. We wish him a nice and safe trip and a delightfull stay!

Final Examinations 2018

Like in all previous years 2018 ended with our final examinations. Soon thereafter we were allowed to go on christmas holidays. Klick here for the Results 2018.



This year we are very blessed by visits from our european friends. In October 2018 students and teachers of our german partner schools in Freigericht and Viernheim have been our guests. We had some very interesting and exciting days together. In november our friend Winfried Sommer showed up once more. KARIBU!

German Visitor Groups at our School

In july 2018 we received two (!) visitor groups of our german supporter society Helfen macht Schule . Some of them visited our school before. They were impressed by the improvements that could be achieved since their last visit.

Safe Water due to a New Water Filter Unit



In addition to the already existing Solar-driven water desinfector device we now own a high pressure filter device to generate safe, pure drinking water for our students.

New Online-Resource for Your Studies

NEW - NEW - NEW: Online Study Resources at TETEA.


Final Examinations 2017

In the final examinations 2017 our school has been very successful again. We reached pos. 564 of 3039 schools. Nationwide we are within the TOP 18,6 % of all schools. See by yourself: Results 2017 now online! 


November 2017

As every year at this time of the year our students currently are writing their exams. WE WISH THEM ALL THE BEST! Thereafter they will enjoy their Summer/Xmas holidays.


Mr. Kilawe is back and Mr. Wittrodt performs a Computer Project

As in the recent years we celebrated our Graduation Party with the form IV students. In addition Mr. Kilawe came back to school after his 5 weeks visit in Germany. He had to tell a lot to us!

Also at beginning of october, in Germany the schools are now closed for autum holidays, Mr. Walter Wittrodt from our german friends of Kopernikusschule / Helfen macht Schule started his two weeks stay at our school. He´s visiting us for his first time. He will perform a scientific IT project using his own special small computers with very low energy consumption. The special computers of his project will only be temporary at KSS, as he will continue his project in Germany and other places to collect more data.

Filbert Kilawe in Germany


Our teacher Filbert Kilawe has been invited to visit our german partner schools Alexander von Humboldt Schule Viernheim and Kopernikusschule Freigericht / Helfen macht Schule. Here some of our german friends kindly welcome him at Frankfurt Airport.



Times are changing

Kishumundu Secondary School has a new Headmaster. His name is Fredrick Shayo (July 2017). He follows Mr. Kiwara, who directed our school for the last 31 (!) years. Since 2016 Mr. Shayo has been the Second Headmaster of KSS.

German Friend on Visit

Like in the recent years our friend Dr. Michael Bauer currently (july 2017) spends part of his summer vacation for a stay at our school. He is board member of Helfen macht Schule, a society associated to our german partner school Kopernikusschule, which supports our school and students since 2002.

Food Production




The students of our school produce part of the needed food by their own hands, e.g. maize for the breakfast. Currently we harvest a lot delicious eggplants from the school ground, which are used in the lunch meals. This is the outcome of a nice idea of our teacher Mr. Richard.

First Aid Station



Supported by our german friends of Helfen macht Schule we recently have been able to build a First Aid Section in a preexisting building at our school. Students will now find better conditions for initial treatment prior to a possibly needed visit at a Hospital or Medical Doctor if they get injured or feel sick.

Currently the furniture for the two new rooms is placed resp. installed.

Results of Final Exams - CSEE 2016

Congratulation to the students of form IV (2016) and their teachers: YOU DID A GOOD JOB! In their exams the students performed quite well, see NECTA. Kishumundu Secondary School is nationwide now on position 471 of 3280 schools.



Fresh Appearance

Our school continues to improve. The roofs as well as some walls of our buildings were freshly painted. The whole school looks much better now and the roof sheets will resist better to corrosion.

Merry Christmas

Currently the school is closed for holidays until 9th of january 2017. Nevertheless the administration is working. We wish everybody Merry Christmas and a good start into the upcoming year 2017.



German Student Group on Visit

Today (5th of october) a student group from our German partner schools Alexander von Humboldt Schule at Viernheim and Kopernikusschule Freigericht arrived in Tanzania. They will be at our school serveral times within the next two weeks. On the pictures you see them joining us during our Graduation Party and at other activities. Pictures are courtesy of Mrs. Marianne Hörl-Schuster and Klaus Kleinmann.


LINK: See a German Newspaper report about the visit.


Like in recent years some students and teachers of Kishumundu Secondary School were invited by the german guests to join them on a Safari and study tour at Tarangire National Park.


Our longterm friend Winfried Sommer (see right hand of the image) joined the group. It is already his second visit this year! He will stay longer as the group. Like during his recent visits he supports us to opitimze our IT. In addition, as an experienced retired board member of Kopernikusschule Freigericht in Germany, he consults us to improve our school. He stays up to mid of november.

Sun Eclipse in Tanzania



On september, 1st, in the morning a sun eclipse could be observed in Tanzania. In southern Tanzania a ring-formed sun eclipse developed. In northern Tanzania the sun was not completely covered and the sky was partially cloudy. However, the extraordinary spectacle in the sky has been observed by students and teachers of Kishumundu Secondary School.


Picture: Aggyflavia Massawe



Protected by special radiation reduction googles or foil teachers ...



... and students of Kishumundu Secondary School were well prepared and enjoyed to observe the event.


Pictures: Mr. Kiwara (Headmaster)

Teachers and Staff of Kishumundu Secondary School 2016

Front row from the left: Mr. Elinaja Leondore (Biology, Chemistry), Mr. Duga Elias (Commerce and Bookeeping), Mrs. Ngandu (Accountant), Mrs. Massawe (Kiswahili & History), Mr. Maduu (Chemistry and Physics), Mr. Mazua (Biology, Chemistry),  Mr. Kiwara (Headmaster), Mrs. Edna Msaki (Accountant), Mr. A. Temba (Mathematics, Physics), Mrs. Minja (Cook), Mr. Moshi (Computer)


Rear row from the left: Mr. Materu (Kiswahili), Mr. Charles (Biology, Chemistry), Mrs. Prisca (English), Mr. Mmbaga (Chemistry & Biology), Mrs. Mushi (Kiswahili, History), Mrs. Mituwani (Matron), Mr. Mangesho (English), Mr. Minja (Mathematics, Physics), Mr. Mohindo (Mathematics, Chemistry), Mr. Minde (Cook & Truck driver), Mr. Kilawe (Civics)


Staff picture in printing quality
JPG Image 9.1 MB

Actual Scenes from the Classrooms and Class Pictures

Form I in printing quality
JPG Image 4.3 MB
Form II in printing quality
JPG Image 6.1 MB
Form III in printing quality
JPG Image 3.4 MB
Form IV in printing quality
JPG Image 3.7 MB

Dr. Michael Bauer on Visit

Like in the recent years our friend

Dr. Michael Bauer, board member of Helfen macht Schule, visited us for a few weeks and participated in school life in July/August 2016. 


In addition he met with lots of friends that he has made during the recent years, e.g. former students of our school, which are now doing Advanced Level Education.

Get Light into your House

To get sun light into houses without windows you may use the water bottle light. The solar bottle light needs daylight and works without electricity. Visit http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-a-SOLAR-BOTTLE-BULB/ for lighting examples and an instruction to build one by yourself. Interview with the inventor.


If you need light at night you may use a Moneymaker Solar Lamp. These really powerful and not too expensive lamps (see picture below) are purchased at the school. Please ask at the administration desk if you like to buy one.


News of February and March 2016

Friends from Germany on Visit

A group of adults of Helfen macht Schule guided by our longterm friend Winfried Sommer is on visit. Karibuni!



Eight german friends guided by Winfried Sommer visited our school. Some of them, like Mrs. Ilka Tschirner, have been in Kishumundu before. But nobody beats Mr. Sommer: it is his 14th stay in Tanzania. The picture was taken while they are welcomed in the house of our Headmaster and his wife.

Exams Results

See the results of our form IV of 2015 in their final examinations:

CSEE RESULTS  at NECTA: 2015 now online! 

Direct link to the results of Kishumundu Sec. School: s0492



News of January 2016



Supported by our german friends of Helfen macht Schule we are currently building a new house for teachers. It will supply four living units, each with an own bathroom.



Some german friends, Mr. and Mrs. Link, their daughter Katharina and

Dr. Michael Bauer visited our school during the holidays. Mr. Link and Dr. Bauer, both board members of Helfen macht Schule, were happy to see the progress at the teachers house construction.


Currently our students and teachers enjoy their CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. The administration is working.



Preparation for Exams

Our students are currently working hard to prepare for the exams, which will start soon. We wish everybody of them great success in this upcoming challenge, but especially to the form IV students.

Study Tour to Tarangire National Park 2015

On saturday, 22nd of august some students, teachers, and staff members went on a study tour to Tarangire National Park. They met there with our german friends Michael Pieke, Winfried Sommer and Dr. Michael Bauer, which returned from a Safari to Serengeti. Together they enjoyed the beautiful nature of Tanzania. What they saw underlined that our Tanzanian nature is clearly worth to be protected. Please convince yourself by watching on the pictures below. Pictures: Dr. Michael Bauer

"Computer-Doctor" Winfried Sommer on Visit


Our friend Winfried Sommer arrived for a five weeks stay at end of august 2015. After his long flight he was warmly welcomed by good old friends with a cold tanzanian beer.


During his stay he inspected the progress of the teacher house construction and worked on the optimalization of our computers.

Report by Mrs. Massawe about her Experiences in Germany

Recently our teacher Mrs. Massawe was invited to visit Germany. After she returned from that big journey she gave a report to the form I and II classes about her experiences and impressions in this distant european country. She was technically assisted by our german guest Mr. Michael Pieke. The beamer- presented picture in the background shows her during a period in a german class.

Visitors from Probono


Today Mrs. Lorberg and Mrs. Rolfs and the local representative of Probono Mr. Senkoro visited our school. The german society Probono supports partnerships of german and african schools. Our headmaster and Mrs. Pasian welcomed them and showed our school to them.

Farewell to Malaika and Paul





After an one week stay at our school this morning, 3rd of august, we had to say Kwaheri (Good bye) to Malaika and Paul.

Thank you for visiting us! ASANTE SANA.

German Guests at KSS

In July and august 2015 our school is visited my several german friends: Malaika Sasse, our former long-term volunteer of 2013, showed up with her friend Paul. In addition, like each summer since 2012, Dr. Michael Bauer from Helfen macht Schule visits our school. This time he is accompanied by a colleague from the same school: Mr. Michael Pieke. They both will teach and run natural science projects on our school. 


Picture: Michael Pieke and Mr. Minja doing mechanical experiments with Form IV Science students.




Picture: Michael Pieke and students observing the moon and later on stars and the planet Saturn with a telescope that he temporary transfered from Germany to Kishumundu.





Picture: Some students of the Astronomy group shift the telescope  to another good observation place.

Dr. Michael Bauer continues his projects of the recent years, e.g. the Solar Lamps Project. Here you see him with students of form I after a period in which he outlined this project and the function of solar panels.


Picture: Michael Pieke

Our Teacher Aggiflavia Massawe at Germany

Aggiflavia Massawe, teacher of our school, was invited to visit our partner schools in Germany. There she visited many classes to inform them about our educational system and living conditions. In addition, she gave a report about her life at the Tanzania-Evening of Helfen macht Schule. 

Great Hand-Over Ceremony with Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Leonidis Gama

In the first week of june Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Leonidis Gama, representatives of TANAPA and KINAPA, as well as some german friends of Helfen macht Schule (NEW: english homepage of Helfen macht Schule) gave us the honor to join our hand-over ceremony of two TANAPA-financed extension buildings to our girls dormitory. After a visit inside the commissioner expressed his deep impression about the high living standard offered to the students.


A detailed report in Kiswahili is found here: http://issamichuzi.blogspot.de/2015/06/tanapa-yajenga-bweni-la-wasichana-shule.html


Solar Lamps Project

Due to great personal dedication of some of our solar scouts, e.g. by the student John Mushi, the staff member Joseph Odilo Minde, the headmaster Mr. James S. Kiwara and Mrs. Salome Mungure, the solar lamp project (separate homepage !) of Helfen macht Schule and Kishumundu Secondary School is running quite well. In the last months more than 50 lamps were sold. Asante Sana!



Improved Kitchen

Our newly build kitchen is closer to be handed over to our cooking team, which has to prepare between 200 and 250 meals three times a day. Please visit History of the school to see an earlier picture of july 2014 for comparison.



Older activities are reported on our History of the School page. Karibu!


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Great hand-over ceremony of the girls dormitory extensions. Please visit Latest News for more information!