Leading Team



Mid of may 2021 Mr. Amedeus KIMATH 

took over the position as Headmaster of Kishumundu Secondary School. 



Kishumundu Secondary School community wishes all the best to him! May he have a good, glorious time and successfully lead our School to new goals!












temporary open position

Second Headmaster










Mr. Elinaja LEONDORE, 

Academic Master 




Mrs. Edna Msaki, Secretary of the School







Mr. Zakaria, Purser








Joseph Minde, the cook and truck driver of the school, in one of his rarely occuring short breaks. Usually he and the second cook Mrs. Linda Minja (see below) are working very hard to prepare all the meals for the students and staff, totally approximately 200 individuals.











Mrs. Linda Minja,











Jeremiah, one of the three watchmen of the school. As a good watchman he is always very interested in the things going on on the school campus. Here he joined Mr. Pieke shortly during his shift while the german teacher performed his stars observation activities in july 2015.

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