Our school offers separate accommodation for female and male boarding students. Usually the students are living in bedrooms with 4 beds, with a private cabinet for each person. The following pictures are representative for all student rooms at Kishumundu Secondary School.



Impressions from the Girls Accommodation:




To fullfil our requirements the dormitory for girls were extended by two additional buildings. The first one was erected with financial support by the Tanzanian National Park Authorities from 2011-2012 (picture of July 2012). 




The second was erected on this place (july 2012), also with financial support by the Tanzanian National Park Authorities .




The second extention building in july 2013, shortly before concrete was poured onto the roof construction. The two extensions were completed and officially handed-over in 2015.


Boys Accommodation

Our friends of Helfen macht Schule and the german goverment provided financial support to erect a new dormitory for boys in 2013.



View inside one room of our new Boys dormitory (picture from 2014). Four boys will share one room.


An impression from the bathroom of our new Boys dormitory.




To show our gratefulness to the donators our new Boys dormitory is called  "Helfen macht Schule"-building. It went into use in 2015.



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